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Sask. future is bright: premier

The world wants what Saskatchewan has.

That's the message in Premier Brad Wall's state-of-the-province address Tuesday. He recently returned from India and said the world's fastest growing economies, specifically in Asia, want two things.

"They want energy security and food security. In that world, I like our chances," said Wall.

Wall said Saskatchewan can't grow enough lentils for India, but joked to farmers in the audience that they sure can try to feed the billion or so people who live there.

VIDEO: Agribition goes out with a bang

A new event at the Canadian Western Agribtion drew a large crowd Saturday afternoon but instead of watching cowboys, it was knights riding horses.
Shane Adams and his Knights of Valour held a full-contact jousting tournament, which is considered to be the most dangerous sport in history.
The knights rode 2,000 pound horses while wearing 14 gauge stainless steel armor that can weigh close to 90 pounds.
"The breast plate themselves will stop a 9 millimetre round from a hand gun," said Adams. 

Learning a way of life for students at Agribition

On Thursday, the livestock at Agribition were the main attraction for city kids on school tours.

As teachers and chaperones herded small groups of kids around the barns, they had to tell kids that cows and their handlers have the right of way.

A group of students touring Agribition. Adriana Christianson/CJME

Parking at Agribition filling fast

With thousands of people checking out Agribition, parking spaces are filling up fast.

The parking lot at Evraz Place fills quickly, but there is overflow parking available in the Lancaster Lot off of Elphinstone Street, south of Mosaic Street.

Agribition CEO Marty Seymour says the trade show opens at 10 a.m. and attracts many. Later in the day, some parking spaces start to free up.

“People who might be coming down for the rodeo tonight, don’t be intimidated,” said Seymour.

He points out people are also using their free shuttle bus.

Sask. mid-year report shows budget on the money

Thanks to increased potash prices and sales, and a lower Canadian dollar, Saskatchewan's 2014/15 budget appears to be on track.

“The use of the word ‘boom’ is maybe one that I try to refrain from using,” said Finance Minister Ken Krawetz. “We want to build steady, strong growth.”

The province released its mid-year financial report Thursday morning which shows a projected year-end surplus of $70.9 million. This is down slightly from the original projection of $71.4 million despite slumping oil prices.

“I’m concerned about oil,” admitted Krawetz.

Hands-on learning at Agribition

Milking a cow is a lot easier than is used to be.

Today's farmers may have grown up using their hands and a bucket but the new generation of kids are learning a whole new way.

The cow milking demonstration at the Canadian Western Agribition is still extremely popular for children, but it's not a hands-on event. Bob Crowe and his crew with SaskMilk only have to spend seconds attaching a machine to the cow's udders, and within minutes the entire task is over.

Agribition fills Regina hotels

It's one of the busiest weeks of the year in Regina and that means everyone coming in for Canadian Western Agribition needs a place to stay.

Hotels are nearly full and it may be tough to find a room for the weekend.

Mike Wurster is general manager of the Double Tree by Hilton. The hotel just reopened in time for Agribition last year so it wasn't as hectic. This year is definitely busier but it's not the first time the rooms have been full.

"The party atmosphere for Grey Cup - I don't think you can compare any event to that," he said.

Agribition shows how cattle impacts your life

The livestock stars of the Canadian Western Agribition play a leading role in your everyday life, as visitors to the show learn just how many products are made from cattle.

Kim Hextall is a producer from Grenfell showing cattle at this year's event. She speaks with the school children passing by her bulls, teaching them about the animals.

"It's nice to see that kids are here learning that the meat they see at the grocery store didn't just arrive on a truck. It started somewhere else."

Federal Agriculture minister keeping pressure on rails

As regulations regarding grain movement in Canada come to an end, the Federal Agriculture Minister won't be taking the pressure off of rail companies.

Gerry Ritz spoke to reporters in Regina on Monday ahead of Saturday's grain-movement deadline. The regulation put in place in August required Canadian National Railway Co and Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd to each move 536,250 tonnes of crops each week.

"We continue to work with the railways promoting the weekly amounts that they are to move," said Ritz.

'Brand' new Canadian Western Agribition kicks off

The start of the 2014 Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) was ignited by the traditional burning of the brand Monday morning.

For the man who had the honour of doing the branding, Agribition itself is a tradition.

Reed Andrew was 15 years old and showing cattle when the first Agribition took place. His father was one of a group of men who started CWA after deciding there needed to be an international marketplace for beef in Canada.

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