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Millions of acres damaged by flooding

Saskatchewan farmers are now getting a better grasp of how much damage was caused by this year's flooding.

"It's not only crops that are affected. We have yards, as well as some of the oils fields down in the southeast," Shannon Friesen with Saskatchewan Agriculture said.

But she said it will likely take some time to get a good firm grasp on the actual numbers.

So far, the early estimates place the washout at anywhere between two and three million acres.

Sask. weed inspectors updated on invasive plant species

Local weed inspectors gathered in Saskatoon this week to learn about invasive plant species and how to control them.
Plants that are not native to the prairies can escape into grasslands, pastures and crops and compete with species that are already there.
"Quite often they've either come in with hay or grain seed or they have been planted as ornamental plants and they've escaped," Renny Grilz, watershed coordinator with South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, said.

Saskatoon's naturalized park gets new sign

It's a little bit of nature tucked into the city. One wouldn't expect to find a wetland marsh next to a Shopper's Drug Mart, but that's exactly the case in Saskatoon.
Hyde Park, part of the Rosewood neighbourhood, unveiled the first in a series of signs dictated the land's past and the importance of nature in the city.
"Isn't this great? To have nature right in the city, that we can all enjoy. We can walk it together and see the bird and other natural life out there," Mayor Don Atchison said Wednesday.

Hanley ranchers raise $44,000 for Children's Hospital

This past weekend's Junior Ag Showcase at Prairieland Park wrapped up with a $44,000 donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation thanks to 10 year old Cadence Haaland.

Both Cadence and his little brother Cohen, 8, are no strangers to the hospital. Rare immuno deficiencies have brought them to Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital many times over the past four years.

Though their treatments have not disrupted their childhoods too much, father Chad Haaland said they owe a lot to the generosity and caring of the nursing staff.

RCMP shoots yearling by Warman

Fourteen gunshots rang out as RCMP shot an injured yearling by Warman Monday afternoon.
At around 3 p.m. members of the Warman RCMP helped herd several cattle found loose on Highway 11 by the railway overpass at the City of Warman.
Together the officers and owner gathered a majority of the cattle, however, one yearling broke from the herd.
The rodeo-bred yearling was found later with a broken hind leg, but that didn't stop it from bucking and kicking at anyone who tried to round it up.

Saskatchewan bull rider competing at Stampede

With the Calgary Stampede once again attracting millions of fans, a Saskatchewan bull rider is ready show them what he's made of.
"I'm just going to let my riding do the talking," Tanner Byrne said.
Last year the Prince Albert product rode his way to second place at the Stampede -- this year he's hunting for the title.
"Last year it kind of fueled my fire, I want to go out and try to win first this year," said the 22 year old who has been riding bulls professionally for four years.

Heavy rain causing problems for farmers in Qu'Appelle Valley

Carrots, green onions, and zucchini are trying to survive the rainy weather.

Hayley Lawford runs the Heliotrope Organic Farm, just outside of Craven in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

She says they have been pumping water off the fields for around a week.

"There's just water sitting everywhere. The river is so high that the ground is just saturated right now," said Lawford.

Sask. auctioneer places 3rd in world championship

A Prince Albert livestock auctioneer has placed in the top three at the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship.

Brennin Jack, head auctioneer of Heartland Livestock, said “it went real well.”

Jack competed against 30 other people from around the world in a two-part series on June 20 and 21. The first part was an interview segment, involving questions related to livestock industry knowledge. The second part was an auctioneer contest, selling 4,500 cattle.

$1.7 billion fertilizer plant in the works for Belle Plaine

Farmers from across Canada are investing in a $1.7 billion fertilizer plant in the works at Belle Plaine.
The Farmers Fertilizer Alliance announced the site at the Farm Progress Show in Regina this week. 

“It’s got great access to two national railways, it’s a good road infrastructure, it’s got access to natural gas, access to a good source of water and we believe there’s also a good labour pool in the surrounding area to run the plant," explained Bob Friesen, speaking on behalf of the group.

26 years of innovation at Farm Progress Show for SK company

Brian Olson stands proudly at his small but very busy booth in a corner of the Agribition Building at Canada's Farm Progress Show. He greets everyone who stops with a smile and a demonstration - and probably doesn't take long to crack a joke either.

For over 25 years, Olson has been making hitches right here in Saskatchewan. This year, his work earned him a Gold Standard Innovations Award. But it's not his first time - or first win - at the Farm Progress Show.

"In 1988 as a farmer I invented a cab hitching system for farm tractors," he said. "And we won an award."

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