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Ritz suggests withdrawing Pakistan adoption appeal, lawyer disagrees

Minister Gerry Ritz said the Afridi family could speed up the process of granting a Pakistani child permanent residency in Canada as their adopted son if they withdrew their appeal before the courts.

However, the couple’s lawyer completely disagrees.

“If we would withdraw the appeal, basically we are killing the application,” Haidah Amirzadeh said on John Gormley Live Thursday.

Amirzadeh said the Afridi family submitted the application to Ottawa before the federal government decided to stop accepting adoptions from Pakistan.

Family searches for info about relative shot in 1910

A family spread out across Manitoba and Ontario is looking for any information about a great-uncle who was shot near Langham more than 100 years ago.

Archibald (Archie) Latchford worked in Hanley and then at the Langham Northern Crown Bank in 1910.

"We were told he died in a bank robbery," said Shelley Muma, who currently lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

But, Muma found out from an old newspaper article her great-uncle accidentally shot himself near Langham while he was out goose hunting.

Estevan rental rates higher than Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto

People renting apartments in Estevan are paying more than they would living in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) website, the average price of a two-bedroom apartment in Estevan is about $1,275 a month. The top three metropolitan cities in the country are Vancouver at $1,274, Calgary at $1,267 and Toronto at $1,241.

Saskatoon program helps people with disabilities build strength

Jacqueline Moir climbs into a harness and uses a modified machine to hoist herself up. The equipment has helped the Saskatoon woman with multiple sclerosis who, until recently, lacked the strength to adjust herself in her wheelchair.
Moir is one of 10 people who entered the Next Step pilot project, a six-month rehabilitative program at the YWCA. She has been able to work out three times a week using special gym equipment made for people with mobility issues, including a hand and feet bike, and wheelchair-accessible tricep and chest-press machines.

Walk in Saskatoon joins others across Canada

A group in Saskatoon joined communities across Canada to bring awareness to the inequality that aboriginal children face everyday.

The 'Our Dreams Matter Too' walk and letter writing campaign was started in 2012 by the First Nation Child and Family Caring Society and has since grown to over 35 communities and 5,000 walkers.

SGI approved for a 4.4 per cent auto insurance increase

Vehicle insurance rates could be going up in Saskatchewan but not by as much as SGI first proposed.

In February, SGI announced is was looking to increase its auto insurance rates by an average of 5.2 per cent. On Wednesday, the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel announced it is recommending an overall average increase of only 4.4 per cent.

City seeking provincial assistance for seepage, slope movement

Basement seepage and a slumping 11th Street slope is prompting the City of Saskatoon to seek provincial assistance.

On Monday city council agreed to send a letter to the provincial disaster assistance program asking if damages incurred as a result of a heavy rainfall on May 26 would qualify for funding.

Hague woman dead in ATV rollover

A 19-year-old woman from Hague is dead after an ATV rollover on Sunday.

A&W defends 'better beef' campaign to Sask. producers

Saskatchewan cattle producers have a beef with A&W’s burger campaign.

You’ve likely seen the better beef commercials that promote the company selling beef with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Trish Sahlstrom, vice president of purchasing and distribution for A&W, said after a lot of research, the company is simply responding to what consumers are asking for.

City of Regina aims to shape new developments

While it may be hard to stop Regina’s growth, the city is aiming to help shape that growth so that taxpayers don’t bear any unreasonable financial hardship.

The city is taking steps to decide which new developments move ahead in the short term and which neighbourhoods will be put on hiatus for the future. On Monday, the city’s executive committee passed a motion that looks at developing a new Interim Phasing and Financing Plan. It’s being recommended the city uses a phased-in approach to develop new land, essentially managing development in more of an orderly manner.

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