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Gas prices shouldn't rise ahead of Canada Day weekend

Anyone hoping to travel over the rainy Canada Day weekend shouldn't worry about gas prices jumping, according to the co-founder of

Jason Toews says there's a misconception about what gas prices do around long weekends or holiday weekends. He says 75 per cent of the time prices actually drop .

"I think we're going to see a few gas stations lowering their price by a penny or two," Toews said ahead of the weekend. "Predominant price at most gas station should stay right around 130 or possibly even a few cents lower than that."

Weekend weather looks decent for Saskatoon

Saskatoon and area appears to be dodging the majority of rain expected this weekend.
According to Environment Canada, rainfall warnings are in place for areas in the southeast corner of the province and near the Manitoba border.
"We're under the influence of a large, low-pressure circulation. It's a very slow moving system and it's going to take a long time to finally get out of the prairies," meteorologist Natalie Hasell said.

Sask. government approves SGI rate increase

Vehicle insurance rates will be going up as of August 31 after the Saskatchewan Government approved SGI's increase.

The Crown insurance company had originally sought a 5.2 per cent increase which included a general 2.7 per cent revenue increase an a 3.7 per cent capital amount meant to replenish the Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR).

UPDATE: Government officially approves SaskEnergy rate hike

SaskEnergy now has the go ahead to raise rates on Canada Day.

Last week, the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel approved the natural gas provider's application to increase its rates.

On Wednesday, the Government of Saskatchewan officially approved the increase. It's the first jump in six years and will raise the price of natural gas to to $4.84/Gigajoule (GJ) from the current rate of $3.82/GJ.

The province says the increase will keep SaskEnergy's commodity rate competitive with other jurisdictions.

Text to 911 service coming to Sask.

For people who are deaf and hard of hearing in Saskatchewan, contacting emergency services is about to get a little easier.

Text-to-911 service is coming to the province. It allows users to register their phone so when they call 911, the operator is notified and can contact them via text.

"It just opens up more doors for them," said Anne Websdale, communications director for the Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. "This removes a lot of those barriers for them so they can contact emergency services."

Council votes on priority option for rec program registration

Should Saskatoon taxpayers get priority registration when it comes to leisure programs in Saskatoon?

A report heading to city council on Monday explains there are tools at the city’s disposal where they can modify the leisure program registration system giving Saskatoon residents preferential registration over non-residents.

Corman Park Reeve Judy Harwood said she sees this as being difficult to manage because there are varying types of residencies in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Light and Power clears air on Smart Meters

After numerous complaints from SaskPower customers over high utility bills and Smart Meter technology, Saskatoon Light and Power tried to put local customers’ minds as ease.

Kevin Hudson, manager of metering and sustainable electricity with Saskatoon Light and Power said since they started installing Smart Meters in 2008, they haven’t heard anything about unusually high consumption rates or high utility bills.

New Regina distillery finds new use for waste beer

The simple idea of 'waste not, want not' has led a Regina pub to stop pouring its waste-beer down the sink and serve it up in the city's first distillery.
The waste is what's left over when Slow Pub creates its own beer. The brewpub, which has been operating for three years, produced 80-100 litres of leftover yeast mush for every 1,000 litres of beer.
"We had no way to get rid of the waste once we were done filtering the beer," explained Adam Sperling, the owner of the new Sperling Silver Distillery.

Sask. Ombudsman not hearing smart meter complaints

With the majority of people in Saskatchewan getting their electricity from SaskPower, customers have few places to turn if they have problems with the provider.

People have been coming forward recently saying their SaskPower bill doubled or worse after a smart meter was installed at their home. Some customers claim SaskPower hasn't been able to provide any good answers as to why.

26 years of innovation at Farm Progress Show for SK company

Brian Olson stands proudly at his small but very busy booth in a corner of the Agribition Building at Canada's Farm Progress Show. He greets everyone who stops with a smile and a demonstration - and probably doesn't take long to crack a joke either.

For over 25 years, Olson has been making hitches right here in Saskatchewan. This year, his work earned him a Gold Standard Innovations Award. But it's not his first time - or first win - at the Farm Progress Show.

"In 1988 as a farmer I invented a cab hitching system for farm tractors," he said. "And we won an award."

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