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Where you'll be paying more in 2015

As another year begins, people in Saskatchewan will be paying more for some services.

Here is a break down of where more of your money will be going.
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Saskatoon Christmas tree recycling stations open

They filled homes with Christmas cheer over the holidays, but now, Christmas trees are just filling living rooms with pine needles.

The City of Saskatoon has opened several Christmas tree recycling stations across the city.

Between Dec. 26 and Jan. 31, unwrapped, undecorated pine trees can be dropped off at the following six locations:

- Primrose Dr Recycling Depot (next to Lawson Civic Centre)
- Lowe Rd Recycling Depot (entrance via Ludlow St)
- Wildwood Golf Course parking lot

Shoppers scramble for last minute gifts on Christmas Eve

It is down to the wire for Christmas shoppers looking for last minute gifts at the Cornwall Centre.

Before noon on Christmas Eve day the mall wasn’t as busy as you might expect.

“Stores are actually pretty empty on Christmas Eve they’re not as full as they are the day before so we actually do pretty well,” explained Bob.

Last minute shopping is actually a Christmas tradition for his family, at least for the men.

“I got it from my father-in-law and we’ve carried it on with my son and my son-in-law,” Bob laughed.

Overpayment scam targets Sask. childcare providers

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) is warning about a potential scam aimed at child care providers.

In two cases, daycares posted advertisements for open spaces.

They received an email from someone claiming to be outside the country, who wanted the daycare to save spot for their child in exchange for a deposit cheque.

When the cheque arrived, however, it was for much more than required.

Saskatoon shoppers splurging on pets for Christmas

Saskatoon shoppers scrambling to buy Christmas presents are also picking up something special for their furry companions too.

In survey after survey, the vast majority of pet owners say they treat their dogs and cats like family. Tammy is in that majority. She says pets shouldn't be excluded from Christmas.

"We do have a stocking for each of our cats. They're very curious about our children's stockings so we give them their own that have safe things," adding a toy mouse, treats and a can of tuna runs her about $10 for each cat.

Regina home prices expected to keep dropping

On average, homes in Regina are worth less now than a year ago, and they will likely be worth less in 2015.
Gord Archibald with the Association of Regina Realtors said there are so many houses for sale in Regina, that prices dropped in 2014. 
"Prices actually came down last year, about three and a half per cent," said Archibald.

Million-dollar lotto ticket remains unclaimed in Sask.

Time is disappearing for someone in the province who's holding a million dollar Lotto Max ticket.
The ticket was on the December 20, 2013 draw, which means it expires after one year.
Western Canada Lottery Corporation knows it was purchased in Saskatchewan, somewhere outside Saskatoon and Regina.
Andrea Marantz with the Lottery Corp. said they do not dig deeper into the exact location until the prize is claimed.

Saskatoon Police: Possible tainted drugs send 10 to hospital

Saskatoon Police are warning the public about a batch of potentially deadly drugs being sold around the city after 10 people were taken to hospital with overdose symptoms, some critical, Friday night.

In all cases, police believe the people had taken cocaine or ecstasy but they do not know if all cases involved tainted drugs.
MD Ambulance spokesperson Troy Davies said five of the people were "in direct contact with this drug."
Police do not yet know what was in the drugs that caused the bad reactions which were spread out across the city.

Kids line-up for photos with Santa

Kids eagerly line-up along a walkway leading up to a big, velvet green chair where Santa Claus sits in a corner of Saskatoon's Midtown Mall.

One of his elves rings a bell to get the smaller children's attention in order to take the perfect photo.

As of Friday afternoon, well over 6,500 kids had their picture taken with Santa. Eight-year-old Amelia told him she wants a video camera for Christmas. Her mother laughs.

"There's this girl on YouTube and she makes videos with her dolls, and I wanted to try that out," Amelia said.

Saskatoon bakery busy for Christmas

The smell of icing and fresh baking hits you as you walk through the doors of The Cupcake Conspiracy in downtown Saskatoon.

At the back of the store, lead baker, Jordi Griffin, gently sticks pieces of caramelized rum into eggnog cupcakes, checks on a tray of gingerbread men and pulls out huge tubs of red and green icing.

Griffin starts her busy day of baking every morning at 4:30 a.m.

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