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Calgary Mayor speaks on flood releif efforts

The question people in southern Alberta are asking is, ‘When will the flood waters recede?’

Thanks to more rain in the forecast, it doesn't appear like that will be happening any time soon.

More than 100-thousand people are displaced from their homes, some being housed by family and friends, and others in shelters or even being taken in by strangers.

The power in downtown Calgary has been shut down after fears of transformers exploding due to the pools of water, and a total of 26 neighbourhoods have been evacuated.

Highway 2 washed out north of Prince Albert

A section of Highway 2 approximately eight kilometers north of Prince Albert has washed out where it crosses the Little Red River.

Northbound and southbound traffic is being rerouted along Highway 55 and Pulp Haul Road. The ministry of highways says signage, barricades and message boards are in place.

Local traffic is being allowed through the affected area but no vehicles are being allowed to cross the Little Red River bridge.

Albertans at Regina's Farm Progress Show anxious to get home

As flood waters raged through southern Alberta this week, so too did farm equipment sales at the Farm Progress Show in Regina.

But for those vendors and attendees from Southern Alberta, the back of their minds were full of thoughts about what waited for them at home. Many had family or friends who had been evacuated or had their own homes threatened by floodwaters.

Saskatoon braces for possible flooding along river

Record levels of Alberta flood waters flowing into Saskatchewan have caused the City of Saskatoon to brace for possible flooding.

The City will restrict access to low lying areas along the Meewasin Valley Trail starting Saturday at 3 p.m.

Residents won't be able to access Spadina Crescent and the MWT at Ravine Drive, the lower trail along the Mendal Art Gallery - including the ferry and lookout - and the River Landing lower trail between the Traffic Bridge and Sid Buckwold Bridge.

Province evacuates Cumberland House as S. Sask River swells

As water streams into the South Saskatchewan River from Alberta, the province of Saskatchewan will be evacuating the community of Cumberland House as they plan to open floodgates to let more water out of Lake Diefenbaker.

Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency (SWSA) said in a press release that rainfall in Alberta is causing the South Saskatchewan River to flow at more than 12 times its average rate.

Banff Marathon cancelled due to floods

Due to the state of emergency resulting from extensive flooding in southern Alberta, the Banff Marathon Organizing Committee has announced the cancellation of the inaugural Banff Marathon.

The decision came after reviewing many factors including safety, accessibility to Banff, the condition of the race route, and the allocation of local resources.

Although conditions in the national park itself are currently not as severe as surrounding areas to the east, access to Banff has been compromised by faults in the Trans-Canada Highway, the main artery into the park.

South Saskatchewan levels expected to double

The river flow rate for the South Saskatchewan is expected to double and reach 900 cubic metres per second over the weekend.

But Saskatoon Fire and Protective services points to 2011, where the river flow reached 1650 cubic metres per second.

Still, the public is asked to stay away from the river for safety reasons. In addition to a strong current, debris in the water can cause injury and damage boats.

Stories from the flood zone in Calgary

As flood waters washed out highways by Canmore and flooded the town of High River, Calgary began evacuations Thursday night.
Tracy Watson has lived in Calgary for 20 years and says she has never seen a situation this scary.

"Everything has happened extremely fast, so it's quite unbelievable," she said over the phone from her home early Friday morning.

For her, it started getting serious around supper time on Thursday when she learned that schools were closed.

"We're not going to work today, that's for sure.” 

Saskatchewan Red Cross taking donations for Alberta flood

Hundreds of thousands of people in Alberta can't go home and have nothing to take with them thanks to the flooding, but the Red Cross has already sprung into action.
If people in Saskatchewan want to help Kim MacLean, the provincial disaster management lead with Canadian Red Cross, said financial donations are best.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Scenes of flooding in southern Alberta

Flood waters hit southern Alberta hard and fast on Thursday washing out roads, houses and forcing thousands to evacuate.

The communities hit the hardest were High River, Canmore and 100,000 people are being evacuated from the low-lying areas of Calgary.

The Saskatchewan Red Cross is taking donations targetted toward helping the victims of flooding in Alberta. CLICK HERE to learn how you can donate.

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