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Localized flooding of roads and basements in Gainsborough

Heavy rain storms to the east have left people in Gainsborough by the Manitoba border dealing with a lot of water.

The storm system caused flash flooding in several towns in southwest Manitoba, but it also caught the southeast corner of Saskatchewan.

Duane McKay is the emergency manager for the province. He said they've been in contact with communities experiencing localized flooding, but so far there have been no calls for assistance.

"Most of the issues are roads that have been over topped and pooling of water," McKay explained.

Cumberland House evacuees could be out for weeks

It will be some time yet until the peak of the flood waters from Alberta flows into Cumberland Lake. This leaves an uncertain time line for when the evacuees of Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation can return to their homes.

"We're managing or planning for a peak somewhere between the 10th and 15th of July," said Duane McKay, commissioner of emergency management and fire safety for Saskatchewan.

MAP: Outlining the river system from Alberta to Saskatchewan

With all of the attention on flooding rivers in Alberta, some people might be wondering where it all goes when it gets to Saskatchewan.

 To answer that question Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency offered up a quick geography lesson on how the rivers flow through the province from the west. He says it all starts in the southwest by the border with the Saskatchewan River.

“The Red Deer River, the Bow River and the Oldman River in Alberta feed into that,” Boyle explained.

PHOTOS: Regina residents pitch in for relief effort

As flood waters flow from Alberta into Saskatchewan, donations to help the flood-ravaged residents of several Alberta communities are flowing back.

A convoy of trucks, trailers and a motor home left from the Cree Land Mini-Mart in Regina Wednesday morning headed for the Siksika First Nation. 

"I come from a reserve about one hour south of there called the Blood Reserve, so we have a close relationship with them," said Beatle Soop, the man who initiated the donation collection at the mini-mart.

SK rodeo competitor believes Calgary Stampede will be normal

The president of the Calgary Stampede said the 2013 edition of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth will go on ‘come hell or high water’ despite the grounds where the event is held being damaged by flood waters.

The 10-day event draws over a million guests each year, with a number coming from Saskatchewan.

Prince Albert’s Brennin Jack has gone to the event the last number of years and is going again this year to compete in the international auctioneering championship—an event he won in 2012.

North Saskatchewan River seeing higher flow than originally expected

While water levels along the South Saskatchewan River remained roughly the same on Tuesday, the Water Security Agency (WSA) warns that the North Saskatchewan River may swell more than originally expected.

The cities of North Battleford and Prince Albert have been put on alert as flows continue to come in from Alberta.

PDAP to help with flooding in Calgary

Saskatchewan is sending help out to flood-ravaged Alberta.

On Thursday, six employees of the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) will be heading to Calgary announced Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter.

“I think it’s important that we help our neighbours,” said Reiter.

The half dozen will be on the ground working to help people fill out forms and file claims as the result of their flood damaged homes and businesses.

“Our people do a good job at PDAP. Alberta recognizes that plus Alberta is just devastated right now."

Handful of High River residents ignore evacuation orders and stand by their homes

Not everyone tried to keep themselves dry when the evacuation orders came down in Alberta last week.

Some people like Jeff Kaiman from High River stuck around to try and save his family's home. He says he took a ride to the downtown area the other day.

"It's unbelievable," he admitted.

"There’s boats that have washed clean across a main road and pushed themselves into a house, after the berm itself broke down from water rushing."

Cumberland House braces for flooding

Now that the evacuation is complete, emergency responders are focusing on protecting Cumberland House infrastructure.

A team of about 85 people have stayed behind to create berms, lay sandbags and deploy other flood mitigation equipment, hoping to save at least some of the now empty homes, businesses and community buildings.

There are approximately 300 structures that will be threatened by flooding said incident commander Raymond Dussion.

Photos: Flooding in Calgary Jun.21-24

Photos from flooding in Calgary, Alta.  June 21-24.

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