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Stories from the flood zone in Calgary

As flood waters washed out highways by Canmore and flooded the town of High River, Calgary began evacuations Thursday night.
Tracy Watson has lived in Calgary for 20 years and says she has never seen a situation this scary.

"Everything has happened extremely fast, so it's quite unbelievable," she said over the phone from her home early Friday morning.

For her, it started getting serious around supper time on Thursday when she learned that schools were closed.

"We're not going to work today, that's for sure.” 

Saskatchewan Red Cross taking donations for Alberta flood

Hundreds of thousands of people in Alberta can't go home and have nothing to take with them thanks to the flooding, but the Red Cross has already sprung into action.
If people in Saskatchewan want to help Kim MacLean, the provincial disaster management lead with Canadian Red Cross, said financial donations are best.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Scenes of flooding in southern Alberta

Flood waters hit southern Alberta hard and fast on Thursday washing out roads, houses and forcing thousands to evacuate.

The communities hit the hardest were High River, Canmore and 100,000 people are being evacuated from the low-lying areas of Calgary.

The Saskatchewan Red Cross is taking donations targetted toward helping the victims of flooding in Alberta. CLICK HERE to learn how you can donate.

Hamlet in Alberta evacuated due to flooding

The rain and rising water levels washed out bridges and prevented people from returning to their homes in Alberta today.

Bragg Creek, just west of Calgary, the Elbow River swelled, taking out houses and cars, and causing a mandatory evacuation order of the hamlet of 600.

“The river has never been like this, I watched a house get picked up and get slammed into the concrete bridge, the center abutment. It got slammed in there and it broke apart like it was a little toy,” said Tom Walker, a photographer and resident of the area.

Tales of Alberta floods

Heavy rainfall in Alberta has lead to a disastrous flood that has overtaken a number of communities in the south eastern portion of the province.

Six communities in Calgary were evacuated Thursday afternoon, along with Lethbridge County, Black Diamond and the municipal district of Foothills. Also seeing heavy floods were Canmore and High River, AB, where former News Talk Radio reporter David Fraser found himself in trouble has he covered the ongoing disaster for the Calgary Herald.

Saskatchewan community relocates residents after heavy rain

A reserve near Melfort has moved 50 people from its community due to health and safety concerns resulting from flooding.

James Smith Cree Nation was forced to move residents Monday after major issues with roads in the community were escalated from heavy rain.

“Over the weekend with all the rain we got plus the weekend before that, we had these roads that were flooded over,” said Mike Marion, health director with the band.

More flooding for people with homes in RM of Corman Park

Flooding is still a huge issue for many people living in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park after more than three inches of rain fell over the weekend.

The situation is especially bad around Warman and Martensville, said administrator Adam Tittemore.

“There is still some severe flooding that is causing some people a lot of hardship with their homes, with their farm operations,” he said.

Highway 2 re-opened north of Waskesiu

Highway 2 north of Waskesiu has finally re-opened. 

Wet weather caused the shutdown on Saturday morning after a portion of the road caved in about a half hour north of the Waskesiu turnoff. 

A passing driver noticed the sinkhole at around 8 a.m. and called it in to police. 

According to the Highway Hotline traffic was getting through in both directions as of 7 p.m last night.

Waskesiu flash flood unlike anything locals have seen

A localized flood in the town of Waskesiu, near Prince Albert, had long-time residents shaking their heads  Friday afternoon.

After several days of heavy rains, a creek that drains into Waskesiu Lake overflowed, sending water into town streets, a cabin site and other areas.

“We just had monsoon-like rain coming down and it just continued and continued and then the water started flowing,” said George Wilson, Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce manager.

Flooding predicted downstream of Anglin Lake

Recent rainfall has caused Anglin Lake, North of Prince Albert, to rise dramatically over the last several days which will likely cause downstream flooding.

“Anglin Lake is roughly a foot higher than it normally is, it currently sits at 515.95 metres and normally it’s around 515.4 meters,” said Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency.

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