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SK Water Security Agency says snow melting too slow

Yes the snow is slowly melting in southern Saskatchewan, but provincial flood forecasters now say it’s not nearly fast enough.

“We haven’t lost much snow from melting and we’re probably losing some snow to sublimation which is the process of snow and ice changing into water vapour in the air without first melting into water,” explains Patrick Boyle with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

Although the best case scenario for spring does require a slower spring melt, Boyle says the weather we're getting now is making it too slow.

Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds wants more flooding and drought prevention from the province

The Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds would like to see more preventative measures when it comes to managing the province’s water.

SAW’s acting chair David Sloan said assistance from the provincial government is needed.

“Because they’ve been adamant about the need to reduce the flooding, we need to be prepared for drought situations and we need to protect our water sources,” Sloan said.

SK Water Security Agency offers tips to prepare for flooding

Whatever you want to know about flooding in Saskatchewan, you could find it at a provincial flooding open house held in Regina Thursday evening.

The province and the Water Security Agency provided handouts on where to find flooding supplies, tips on flooding prevention and a map of the province's hot spots.

Minister responsible for the WSA, Ken Cheveldayoff was at the open house. He said it was a great chance for people to have questions answered by knowledgeable people about their personal property, and the properties of their family members.

SaskPower prepping for flood for two years

SaskPower is hoping it won't get caught off-guard by flooding again this year.

The Crown Corporation released the annual report for 2012 on Wednesday afternoon. While confident about the bottom line, SaskPower President and CEO Robert Watson admits this year's flood situation could have an impact. He says that’s why SaskPower has been preparing for more flooding for almost two years.

Moose Jaw homeowners remember past floods and prepare for the worst

With the latest run-off forecast expanding the areas in a possible flood zone, it's an uneasy time for many people in flood zones in some Saskatchewan communities.

They can only do so much to get prepared, then they just have to wait for the snow to melt to see how high the water will rise.

You don't hear the river running in south Moose Jaw now because it’s still relatively frozen. But just because that's the case at this given time doesn't mean those who live along it are remaining stationary too.

Regina flood waters could reach higher levels than 2011

The Wascana Centre Authority (WCA) is as ready as it can be ahead of flooding at Wascana Lake.  However, their flood preparations do not include putting sandbags around the newly renovated Queen Elizabeth II Gardens.

VIDEO: Clearing sewer drains with Regina city crews

All the water from the melting snow in Regina has to go somewhere. In many cases it’s pooling in the middle of residential streets, which isn’t making driving or walking easy.

City crews are busy making sure that water is going where it’s supposed to: down sewer drains.

Supervisor of sewer and drainage operations David Jijian says there are four crews that go out with the task of clearing snow, ice and other debris from drains.

CJME got to go along with one crew in central Regina to see exactly how it’s done.

City of Regina forced to move sandbagging due to potential Evraz Place strike

With a looming strike at Evraz Place, the City of Regina is moving its sandbag-making operations to a new facility.

"We were using a location on the Evraz-facility compound to build our sandbags, it was a convenient location for us" explained Jay O'Connor, manager of emergency management. "At this time, I understand that strike notice has been given, so we will be relocating our sandbagging operations to an alternate facility so that we don't run into any conflicts with our employees crossing another unions picket lines."

PHOTOS: Saskatchewan flooding 2013

Saskatchewan is not new to flooding. The images below illustrate what is being seen in our province by you as well as our team in 2013.

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