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VIDEO/PHOTOS: Flood waters on track for Moose Jaw's expectations

Some green space is flooded in that Moose Jaw's south end, with nearby roads and trails washed out.
That water is also threatening homes. Kim Krueger lives along the river in Churchill Park and although rushing water is just feet away from the back of her home, she still has a quiet sense of confidence.
“Cautiously relaxed,” she expressed

She and her husband have done nearly everything they can to prepare. Sandbag and plywood dikes have been built, several pumps are there to eliminate any seepage, and the basement is completely empty.

Regina prepared for flooding, but not expecting evacuations

While they are preparing for the worst case scenario, emergency planners with the City of Regina say the chances of flood waters impacting homes is very slim.

Manager of Emergency Management for the city, Jay O'Connor, says they sent out letters to about 350 homes in areas within a potential flood zone explaining evacuation plans just in case.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Moose Jaw residents prepare for river to rise this weekend

Residents of Moose Jaw are hoping their past experiences with flooding will help prepare them for what's to come in 2013.

Mayor Deb Higgins says the town has put in a lot of work; sand bagging all the necessary areas and in one case, evacuating a home near the Blackfoot bridge as a precaution. She said they are better at preparation and communication related to flooding than they were in 2011.

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Saskatchewan flood update May 3: waters rising with high temperatures

With temperatures set to hit double digits this weekend, communities in flood zones are bracing for rising waters.

As of Friday there are 10 different communities under states of emergency due to flooding
-Town of Maidstone
- Town of Radisson
- Village of Borden
- RM of Great Bend
- RM of Elfros
- RM of Wilton
- Poundmaker Cree Nation
- Sakimay First Nation
- Onion Lake Cree Nation
- Muskowpetung First Nation
- the RM of Fish Creek

Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation braces for flooding

The Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation (BOFN) are preparing for what could be a potentially devastating spring runoff.

Dykes and sandbags have been deployed to protect vulnerable roads and homes in the rural parts of the community located several kilometres northwest of Rosthern.

The whole area is particularly vulnerable to flooding because of regional geography, said BOFN’s land manager Brian Seesequasis.

Wapiti resort flood damage ‘sickening’

Some summer vacationers may have to look for other places to tie up their boats.

The Wapiti Valley Ski Resort located beside the North Saskatchewan River experienced massive flooding on the property, wiping out the summer marina area and damaging several pieces of property.

General Manager Brent Freedman said he first heard of the rising waters on Wednesday.

PHOTOS: Rambler Park and Kiwanis Park in Regina under water

We're still waiting for that big weather warm up and melt here in Regina, but some areas of the city are already under water.

Just off 13th Avenue near the Regina International Airport, Rambler Park and the off-leash dog park would be considered one of those areas. Flood water has covered portions of the ball diamonds, the walking trail and sections of grass. Where there is no water, the ground is soft and very muddy, devouring the shoes of anyone who walks on it; and massive snow piles which have yet to be melted.

Water Security Agency update finds SK spring runoff slows

The cooler weather has put the spring runoff in Saskatchewan on hold for now.

When the mercury dipped on Tuesday, and continued to stay below seasonal into Wednesday, Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency says the melt has slowed for the most part. It's also causing the melting to happen in stages, rather than all in one peak as it usually does.

"It's a sign that things are coming in stages, rather than one large peak," said Boyle.

Corman Park family may lose home to flooding

All signs point to the flood situation getting a lot worse before it gets better in Saskatchewan.

In Corman Park, the next 24 to 48 hours will determine whether Paul Happ and his family get to keep their home. Right now their house is surrounded by water on all sides.

"We are still in the house. We've shipped off our kids to a relative's. The kids aren't staying there. They're not dealing with the situation very well," said Happ.

Sakimay First Nation declares a state of emergency

Another Saskatchewan First Nation is declaring a state of emergency.

The Government of Saskatchewan says the Sakimay First Nation is the next to ring the alarm. However, Chief Lynn Acoose says the flood waters have not hit them just yet.

"It's nowhere near what we saw in 2011," she said.

"We're declaring a state of emergency as a precaution."

Sakimay sits right in the drainage area in the Qu'Appelle basin. The province says the communities of Sakimay, Shesheep, Littlebone and Minoahckak are affected.

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