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Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 27, 2014


The Grammy's were dominated by Daft Punk, as the five awards, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home four awards, including Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. Lorde, the 17-year-old sensation from New Zealand, won two Grammy Awards: Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, both for "Royals."

Drama on the high seas, passengers on board Royal Caribbean’s “Explore of the Seas” Ship set out for an island voyage of a lifetime – instead tonight, the ship docked – illness sickening hundreds on board.

Of the many combinations the sporting world has begged for, the marriage between John Daly and hot, cheesy meat-bread is perhaps the most natural.

Sam goes over his experience at this weekend’s Lift Off for Lupus.

Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" and Taylor Swift's "Red" both start with the same letter, but only one of them won the Album of the Year award at the 56th Grammy Awards. It wasn't Swift, but for a second, she definitely thought she won -- and everyone saw.

Rules are rules, but what good are rules if no one's enforcing them? It is illegal to keep your children out of school in Saskatchewan. But one family in Regina seems to have slipped through the cracks. The girls have been out of school for the last SIX years. CJME's Jill Smith has their story.

Although Mark McMorris earned a silver medal in the snowboard slope-style final on Saturday, Jan. 25, it came at a big cost: He fractured a rib on his right side.


When the roads aren’t the greatest and we’re under a travel not recommended, do you think your 4x4 can go anywhere or do you prefer to play it safe?

Paying tribute to music's elders was a theme throughout the award show, including a reunion of McCartney with Ringo Starr on drums, an inexplicable pairing of Robin Thicke with Chicago, a country music collab with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton and a rock finale that paired Nine Inch Nails and Dave Grohl with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsay Buckingham.

Two white doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds as tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter's Square on Sunday. A seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves right after they were set free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.

The Grammy Awards weren't just about the music; they were also about making a political statement in the same-sex marriage debate currently dividing much of America. In a turn of events heavily hyped in the hours leading up to the CBS telecast, 33 couples - both gay and straight and of different ages and ethnicities - exchanged rings and said "I do," as officiated on stage by Queen Latifah.

Murray Wood joins the conversation on 4x4 drivers and their not so safe driving habits in winter weather. As well as his take on the Royal Caribbean cruise flu outbreak.

He talked about being pushed aside by NBC for younger Late Night host Conan O’Brien and being pushed aside by NBC for younger Late Night host Jimmy Fallon. But there was one slight bit of pushback by Kroft on Leno’s talk about his latest replacement.


Sam goes over the big winners from last night’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Although Mark McMorris earned a silver medal in the snowboard slope-style final on Saturday, Jan. 25, it came at a big cost: He fractured a rib on his right side. He caught his board on a rail, flew through the air and hit the bar on his right side. McMorris was released from the hospital on Saturday night after tests revealed no further internal injuries, and that bodes well for his attempt to make it to the 2014 Olympics.

American men are experiencing a facial hair free-for-all, embracing the unshaven glory of hipsters and Hollywood, and it's cutting into Procter & Gamble Co.'s bottom line.

The Grammy Awards weren't just about the music; they were also about making a political statement in the same-sex marriage. 33 couple took to the stage – both gay and straight and of different ethnicities and ages – exchanges rings and said “I do.”

What good are rules if no one's enforcing them? It is illegal to keep your children out of school in Saskatchewan. But one family in Regina seems to have slipped through the cracks. The girls have been out of school for the last six years.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 24, 2014


Justin Bieber was released on $2,500 bail yesterday (after being picked up for a DUI and drag racing) to face a horde of screaming fans, but we want to know if Bieber was your kid what advice would you give him?

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards are just ahead, Sam goes over the nominations.

Katy Perry pre-sale tickets hit Ticketmaster today for her date in Saskatoon this August.

We're now up to five confirmed measles cases in Saskatchewan, four of them in Regina the other somewhere in the southern part of the province. There are 10 to 12 suspected cases, also all in Regina. And again the public is being warned about locations in this city where you might have been exposed the list expanding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger disguises himself as regional manager “Howard” in Gold’s Gym Venice Beach in which he surprises clueless gym-goers with motivation and training advice.

We go over your advice for Bieber texts to 306-306.


Computers at the time typically required people to type in commands, but once the Mac came out 30 years ago Friday, people could instead navigate with a graphical user interface. Available options were organized into menus. People clicked icons to run programs and dragged and dropped files to move them.

We go over your Bieber feedback to 306-306.

A ghost ship filled with cannibal rats is floating somewhere off the coast of Scotland, ready to crash ashore and unleash its disease-ridden cargo of starving rodents. And it's all because Canadian authorities let the Soviet-era nightmare liner loose in the North Atlantic, satisfied that it was no longer a threat to Canada.

There are now five confirmed measles cases in Saskatchewan, four of them in Regina as well as 10 to 12 suspected cases. The public is being warned again about locations in this city where you might have been exposed. Even several daycares were cautioned, although they were contacted directly. The province's Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab is again recommending getting vaccinated.

Murray Wood tells us what advice he would give to Justin Bieber if the Biebs was his son.

Well it's official, the pride of Shaunovan and top Women's hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser will be Canada's flag-bearer for the Sochi Olympics. She spoke with us from Austria where the team is practicing.


Bieber mug shot went out yesterday and the whole world had tons to say. Which has Himpe thinking of selfies, with a few tips and tricks, you can snap photos of yourself with grace and good taste, just like Bieber in his mug shot.

The Grammy nominations are out and Sam goes over whose up for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year.

They are many women's best friend and a staple of the A-listers' wardrobes, but experts have warned that trusty control underwear, such as Spanx, may do more harm than good. Experts say people who wear these items are compressing their orgrans.

We go over the last of your Bieber feedback on the text line.

It’s Movie Friday and Sam goes over what’s new at the box office this weekend and some Oscar movies that are still available for you to check on this weekend.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 23, 2014


Mere moments after securing his team into the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman gave a colorful post game interview. He is now speaking out against the backlash he’s received for it with CNN.

A British couple broke the law when they took their kids on a week-long trip to Greece in the fall because the father couldn’t get time off during the summer break. There’s an online petition asking the government to reverse new legislation prohibiting kids from going on holiday during the school year. Should you be allowed to pull your kids out of school whenever you want?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is defending his Monday night drunken episode as a “minor setback” claiming he is entitled to a personal life. Addiction experts are amazed it took this long for Ford to hiccup back into his old ways.

Breaking news this morning out of Miami, Justin Bieber is in police custody this morning for DUI and drag racing charges. More on this story as it develops this morning.

Sam shares a story from the waiting room yesterday as a little boy got his cast removed.What is your doctor office nightmare story?

Some of your favourite products might get a little harder to find thanks to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Saskatoon's Brit Foods store owner Tony Badger has sold products like Irn-Bru, Marmite and Ovaltine since 1997. But last October he ran into some trouble with his Christmas shipment and now the CFIA says those products, among others, aren't actually legal in Canada.

In 1984, The Cosby Show revived the sitcom genre and fueled NBC’s ratings resurgence. Three decades later, Bill Cosby is looking to bring some of that magic back to NBC, which has been going through a rough time with comedies. The network has made a deal for a half-hour family comedy to star Cosby.


Justin Bieber is in custody this morning on DUI and drag racing charges.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Sarah Mills Show and tattoos.

Pedestrians who text while walking deviate from their intended path, according to a new study that's shedding light on the safety risks associated with texting and walking. The study examined the effect reading and sending text messages has on body movement.

We go over your texts to 306-306 on what foods do you love that you can’t get in Canada?

Murray Wood checks in for John Gormley to talk about Rob Ford’s “minor setback”, Biebers DUI and what is coming up on his show.

Yesterday afternoon Jon Ryan is features was the New York Times, check out ourFacebook page to get the full story.


What if you could only vacation in winter because you can't get time off and you have kids you want to take along. Well, it's costing a British couple $1,800 and a criminal record. The couple broke the law when they took their kids on a week-long trip to Greece in the fall because the father couldn’t get time off during the summer break. Should you be allowed to pull your kids out of school whenever you want?

Back during the WJHC, Tim's put out a new commercial you've seen it - the one with Sidney Crosby and what seems like hundreds of Canadians jumping over the boards to join in on the ice for a faceoff. And since the ad aired, Timmy's has been getting pummelled by people -- all with the same question, what song is that in the background on the commercial? it wasn't a song you could download or buy, rather it was a piece of music made for Tim's by a Toronto production house called Grayson Matthews. And this week - two weeks after the ad aired and two weeks before the Sochi games begin - the donut house has released the full song online as a free download.

We go over your food you can’t get here texts to 306-306.

Richard Sherman is standing up against the masses of people who called him “nothing but a thug”, classless, a bunch of other things after his interview Sunday after sealing the NFC win.

What’s your time worth? A Montreal-based company is betting you’d be willing to pay less than the equivalent of a grande latte for your “freedom” from the coughing, sniffling and tedium of a doctor’s waiting room. Chronometriq has created a text service $3 in Quebec that will buzz you on your phone as your number approaches.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 22, 2014


On the Green Zone yesterday, Anthony Calvillo joined the show after making his retirement announcement. Calvillo was nervous to make the announcement and shares what he went through with the guys. To hear the whole interview go to

Another video showing an intoxicated Rob Ford had been released yesterday. None of the news outlets can verify the time and date stamp on the second video, but everyone's saying it's in the same place as the first one.

Warren Buffet will give you $1 billion dollars if you fill out a fill out a perfect bracket.

Something very strange happened early this morning on the sports radio airwaves, and we have been alerted to it by a very observant Deadspin reader. Reader Doug wrote in to tell us that he was listening to ESPN radio this morning while the host was talking about why he likes cats better than dogs.

Thanks to an outpouring of support for its online crowd funding campaign, the Jamaican bobsled team is heading to Sochi with over $120,000 and a dream 12 years in the making.

It appears that NBC’s plan to reboot the long-running CBS drama Murder, She Wrote.


We go over your feedback to 306-306.

Rob Ford has been caught in another one of his drunken stoopers Monday night.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Green Zone and Calvillo.

We take your feedback on which is the better pet: Cats or Dogs?

Murray stops in to chat about cats and dogs and which is his preferred companion. As well as his favorite sport to watch during the Olympics.

A couple in Halton Hills are the owners of a rather unusual house pet.


Anthony Calvillo made one of the hardest announcements in his life yesterday and he told the world he was retiring from the CFL. After making his announcement he joins the gang over on the Green Zone last night to reminisce about his CFL memories.

It appears that NBC’s plan to reboot the long-running CBS drama Murder, She Wrote with Octavia Spencer has been tabled indefinitely.

We aren’t certain what was in Rob Fords cup on the weekend, but there is video proof that it was spiked with something.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 21, 2014


The NHL came down hard on Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella, suspending him for 15 days. He can’t have contact with the team during that time, which covers six games.The suspension runs through until February 2nd.

Anthony Calvillo is reportedly calling an end to his career in the CFL. He will be joining the Green Zone later this evening to discuss if this is the end.

MasterChef Canada made its debut on Canadian airwaves last night. What do you make that's better than anyone else?

It's hard to believe in 2014 that people are talking about measles in Regina, but it's true. Two new suspected cases of measles in adults in Regina after two confirmed cases in babies last week who had travelled from the Phillipines.

Well apparently if Erin Andrews isn't mad about what happened Sunday night with Richard Sherman, maybe we shouldn't be either?

What the heck do Will Smith and U2 have in common? They'll be the first guests on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” show, which debuts next month.


Anthony Calvillo is coming to the Green Zone tonight. Calvillo is reportedly schedule to make a retirement announcement later today and will talk career and triumphs with the guys later this evening.

With the kick-off to MasterChef Canada last night we take your “Best Dish” texts.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Sarah Mills Show, Alex Docking and food.

Andrew Jacob Cervantez may not be the biggest baby ever born, though he may be the biggest in California history. Regardless, by any measure he is a bruiser: 15 pounds, 2 ounces.

Two new suspected cases of measles in adults in Regina after two confirmed cases in babies last week who had travelled from the Phillipines.We spoke with Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer Denise Werker to find out who is now at risk and what you should do.

Murray Wood lets us in on what he’s mastered in the kitchen and gives a preview on what’s coming up on John Gormley Live show.

George Clooney responds to Amy Poehler and Tina Feya fter they “poked the bear” at the Golden Globes.


Mayor Fougere stops by for his weekly visit to chat snow removal, the Memorial Cup and what he’s mastered in the kitchen.

“I Don’t Care” is a new segment on the show, we go over less new worthy items like an embarrassing question a reporter asked and ask if you think the question was inappropriate?

Catholic priest pleaded guilty Monday to fraud and theft, after admitting to gambling away money stolen from Ottawa’s Blessed Sacrament Church. Father Joseph LeClair admitted at his preliminary hearing Monday morning that he has a gambling problem, and that he defrauded the church of $130,000 over a five-year period.

We go over your feedback to 306-306.

Sam and Himpe go over what to catch at the theatres tonight.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 20, 2014


Everyone goes over their weekends.

A woman here in Regina says new federal medical marijuana laws that will take effect in April will force her to buy her medicine in the streets.

Nicholas Gray is just your average high school senior at Owensboro Catholic High School in Kentucky or is he? He asked Jennifer Lawrence to prom. Who would you ask to Prom?

It’s fair to say Canucks coach John Tortorella was very emotional early in Vancouver’s 3-2 shootout victory over Calgary Saturday night given that he approached the Flames dressing room during the first intermission to continue yelling at them.

Great article today in the Leader-Post from Rob Vanstone on Jon Ryan, Regina's own, who will play in the biggest football game south of the border on February 2nd.

Tough love from Pat's Head coach Malcolm Cameron, not only did everybody get to see the Pat's short coming on TV during the Pack the Dome event, Cameron decided to replay the 6-1 loss for his team.


Richard Sherman was all kinds of pumped up after facing Michael Crabtree and the 49ers. Were his actions classless?

Gord Broda's wallet is a bit lighter following a big weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Prince Albert businessman had the winning bid of 450 thousand dollars at the Barrett Jackson Auction Friday night to claim the Snakebit, 1956 Ford F-100. He says he's not going to let the one of a kind truck collect dust. If money was no object, what's the one car you would buy?

First there was the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood. Now, NBC says its next live musical will be “Peter Pan”, to be broadcast in December.

We go over your texts to 306-306.

Murray Wood checks in for Gormley and we ask him if money was no object what car he would buy.

Corey Chamblin is in the running for CFL Coach of the Year.


The Flames could have used a win, but instead decided to make some headlines instead.Right from the puck drop the Flames took on the Canucks and it all started with a line brawl.

After a young man in Kentucky asked Jennifer Lawrence to his prom we want to know who would you ask to prom?

Star Wars fans can raise their anticipation levels. Director J.J. Abrams said Sunday that he has a completed script for the next film in the popular series and will begin shooting in May in England.

We wish Sam a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We go over your feedback to 306-306.

If you missed the Seahawks game, Richard Sherman will be the first to tell you who had a good game.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 17, 2014


The gang goes over their weekend plans.

Admitting to making a Pipe bomb with his friend, Skylar Murphy told the court that he planned to blow up a shed in rural Alberta for fun, but forgot the explosive in his bag until he was in line at the Edmonton airport. Murphy pleaded guilty Dec. 5 to possession of an explosive device. He was sentenced to one year probation, fined $100 and ordered to make an in-person donation of $500 to the University of Alberta Hospital s burn unit.

Jim Harbaugh spends most of his time enjoying the finer things in life, like $8 Khakis from Wal-Mart. What is Your partner's wardrobe malfunctions?

The 2014 Oscar nominations were not without some major snubs and surprises from Oprah Winfrey to Tom Hanks, twice! Who were some of the biggest Oscar snubs from this year's nominations? Sam goes over this year’s leftouts.

For the past several months, a number of elderly Korean patrons and this McDonald s they frequent have been battling over the benches inside. The restaurant says the people who colonize the seats on a daily basis are quashing business, taking up tables for hours while splitting a small packet of French fries ; the group say they are customers and entitled to take their time.

Taj Smith is staying a Saskatchewan Roughrider. The team re-signed him yesterday. Last season Smith led the team with 78 receptions in 18 regular season games and was one of three receivers to gather over 1,000 yards through the air and added nine touchdowns.


Himpe, Sam and Woodsy goes over the final match ups in the NFL this weekend.

Sam and Himpe go over the Oscar nominated movies and what’s new at the box office this week.

What is the one article of clothing you own, or your partner owns that would mortify you to be seen wearing in public?

After many years of trying to figure out if they'll be moving or not, the Globe Theatre is staying put. Yesterday they became the proud new owners of the Prince Edward building -- where they've been for the last 30 years. Also in local entertainment news, yesterday it was announced the music director and conductor of the Regina Symphony Ochestra Victor Sawa is leaving in two years. He'll be done at the end of the 2015-16 season, giving him 20 years in the role.

We ask Murray Wood whats coming up on John Gormley Live and chat about the Pipe Bomb incident in Edmonton.

Kate Gosselin was on the Today’s Show with her two oldest daughters to share with the public they aren’t messed up from being on reality TV.


Taj Smith is staying a Saskatchewan Roughrider. Smith was eligible to become a free agent on February 15th. It didn't take long for Smith to become a priority for the Riders to re-sign. That became obvious the moment Weston Dressler decided he was going to test his value in the NFL. Smith isn't currently in Regina, so he wasn't around for interviews but he did post a video to Instagram.

Sam and Himpe run down all the Oscar movies in the theaters this weekend as well as what’s new for you to check out.

Google glasses , Google self-driving cars and now Google contacts? Yes, as in the ones you put in your eye. It's called a "smart contact" and it measures glucose in tears using a wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor. While at a very early stage, Google hopes the technology could help people manage diabetes better.

The final match ups in the NFL are this weekend, Sam, Himpe and Woodsy go over the match up and give their game day predictions.

Jim Harbaugh loves his $8 khakis even though most of the viewing public trend to disagree with his taste, including his wife. What is your not so fashion friendly piece of clothing?

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 16, 2014


For some the wind was nothing but a headache, and for others a nice noise to fall asleep to last night. How are you making out in these ultra windy conditions?

Detectives searched Justin Bieber's home looking for surveillance footage that might serve as evidence the pop star was involved in an egg-tossing vandalism case. They found what looked like to be cocaine instead; a man was arrested on scene. The arrested man was later identified as Lil Za, a rapper whose real name is Xavier Smith. When your kids are adults, is it okay to dislike their friends

? Fill in the blank: It's so windy out that... We go over some funny wind tweets we found on Twitter.

The province was blown away yesterday with strong winds that measured up to 110 kilometres an hour in some areas. But how does that actually measure up to the winds Saskatchewan has seen in the past? CJME's Courtney Mintenko got swept up looking into that.

A Great-Great-Grandma has celebrated her 100th birthday by hiring a stripper for a saucy party. She had chosen the stripogram herself from an online directory and requested the 'full monty' despite her advanced years.

You know how we always talk about how much better kids tv shows used to be? Well Fraggle Rock is coming back, but a bit different. What TV show would you bring back or change from your past?


We’ve been fighting with the wind the last day with wind gusts up to 115 hm/hr. We want to know what your experiences were like out and about yesterday.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Sarah Mills Show and Best Concerts EVER! What was the best concert you’ve been to?

We go over your experiences fighting with wind on the text line 306-306.

Himpe witnessed one lady acting very rude to a till worker at the theatre, we ask Murray Wood if he’s ever witnessed and said something to people who feel the need to be rude with others in public.

We go over your best concert texts to the text line.

A dog dislikes his kennel so much he has learnt how to tell his owner 'no' when he tries to put him inside. The 11-month-old Husky named Blaze hates his kennel and can now tell his owner John Ventresco how he feels about it. As his frustrated owner tries to move him, the dog uses his body weight to become a dead weight while continually 'saying' no.


After Himpe witnesses a woman acting rude to the cashier at the movies last night, Himpe felt obligated to stand up for the worker and called out the women for being rude.Have you ever called out someone in public for being rude?

The Oscar Nominations were just released; Sam and Himpe go over this year’s nominations.

Established in 1980, The Golden Raspberry Awards single out box office flops and terrible movie performances out of Hollywood in the past year. Sam goes over this year’s Razzies short list.

The winds yesterday hovered around the 100km/hr mark all over the province claiming the name “The 100 Club”. We go over your answer to “It’s so windy that_________”

We go over your feedback on calling out rude people in public.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 15, 2014


The Canadian Frank Dancevic slammed Australian Open organizers for forcing players to compete in "inhumane" conditions after he collapsed on court as temperatures rose to 41 degrees celisus on Tuesday.

They say Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth”, but what is the happiest place in Canada? After calculations were completed, they compiled a “smile score” for each city in Canada, based on where the photos were taken. Kingston captured the highest smile score of 40.2, while Regina placed in second spot with a rating of 36.2. Why do you think we're so happy? Text us and tell us why you're so happy.

A man who collected Gatorade since high school had to unfortunately depart with his collection because he mom told him to. We want to know what the things you collect are.

It was a gamble that didn't go so well for one couple in Chicago. On the weekend, they had tickets for Alinea, a high-end restaurant where the most minimal price on the menu is $210. It's fancy. It's expensive. And they brought their 8-month-baby along. Should babies be banned from high-end restaurants?

It can be hard to find the motivation and time to stay in shape and new stats out of Moose Jaw suggest that's not only hard but extremely difficult there. So now that city is creating a new one-of-a-kind program aimed at melting the pounds away and helping you feel your best. CJME's Kevin Martel explains.

A scary-looking spider caused Mark Zuckerberg to turn to Jelly, the new question and answer app. The app allows users to take a picture and post it along with a question. The queries can be seen by a user’s extended social network, which have the opportunity to share their expertise.


Kobe Bryant somehow managed to rack up a $833.75 grooming bill on a recent Nike shoot which is pretty steep considering the guy has no hair and reportedly refuses to wear makeup on set.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by John Gormley Live, hand shaking, and warts.

Himpe shares one of his hair cut nightmares. How much do you spend on your hair? Is money a factor in picking a hair dresser?

A couple dining at Alinea, a high end restaurant on the weekend, brought along their 8-month old baby. Are there some places kids just don't belong? Or should we be more tolerant?

We get Gormley’s opinion on the couple who took a gamble on bring their young baby to a fancy restaurant.


Australian Open organizers are being slammed by Frank Dancevic for allowing the tournament to continue in 41 degree Celsius weather. Dancevic has since called the continuation “inhumane” after he collapsed on the court.

Nike footed the bill for a $833.75 haircut for Kobe Bryant after a commercial shoot. We’re asking you, what is the most you’d spend on a haircut?

Duck Dynasty returns tonight!

Regina has been named the second happiest city in Canada based on a study by Jetpac City Guides. Saskatoon came in at fifth place and at the top of the list was Kingston, Ontario. Why do you think we’re so happy?

The Friendly City is turning into the Fat City. Well over half of all adults in Moose Jaw are obese or overweight. Not too keen on those stats, health professionals there are introducing a new program something innovative and unique to help solve this problem. Our Kevin Martel explains.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 14, 2014


SAM IS BACK FROM JAMAICA! And she fills us in on her vacation highlights.

Not many people get to play with their favourite hockey players, but for one lucky team of kids, their dream has come true. CJME's Andrew Shepherd was there to catch the surprise.

Targets massive data breach from over the holidays has now reportedly affected 110 million customers. The retailer took out a full-page ad in major newspapers across the States apologizing to customers. When you shop do prefer to use cash, credit or debit?

We all want to be comfortable, especially on vacation, but all those self-help people constantly say that's the way to get stuck we have to step outside the comfort zone. Have you stepped outside your comfort zone and what was it like?

Yesterday, an Alberta soldier with PTSD wasn't allowed to take her dog on board as a service animal. Sergeant Shirley Jew said the airline told her PTSD isn’t recognized as a disability that requires a service dog.

HBO announced today that it has renewed the Aaron Sorkin drama for a third season, and then put a damper on the celebration by also saying that Season 3 will be the series' last.


It might just set the stage for an entirely different wireless industry in Canada. That's because starting today eleven telecom companies are taking part in what's called a wireless spectrum auction. CJME's Kevin Martel breaks down what it means and what kind of impact that could have for those of you who have cell phones or tablets.

Today’s Talk Shot is brought to you by the Green Zone and Weston Dressler.

After news broke that 110 million Target customers information was stolen we’re asking you what your preference is: Cash, Credit or Debit?

While in Jamaica Sam took the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and climbed a waterfall. What get’s you out of your comfort zone?

Gormley tells us what gets him out of his comfort zone and gives a sneak peak on what’s coming up on John Gormley Live.

It’s Cheap Tuesday, Himpe and Sam fill you in on what to check out tonight at the theatre.


Mayor Fougere stops by for his weekly visit to chat about the upcoming council meeting and what get’s him out his comfort zone.

After Sam conquered her fear and climbed up a waterfall in Jamaica we’re asking you what would get out of your comfort zone.

The "rumors" may be true: Vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie has reclaimed her position in Fleetwood Mac, following a 16-year absence.

A man is dead and his wife wounded following a shooting yesterday in a Tampa, Florida, movie theatre -- allegedly over texting. The show was still in previews when the two couples started arguing. Retired Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves has been charged with second-degree murder.

The face of Canada's wireless service industry is changing. Companies like Bell, Rogers and SaskTel will take part in a wireless spectrum auction starting today. CJME's Kevin Martel explains what it might mean for those with cell phones or tablets.