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Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - July 2, 2014


Regina police had a busy night with the Canada Day festivities - including a couple people who were pepper sprayed. A 41 year old man was watching the fireworks with his family a little ways away from Wascana, police say he was pepper sprayed by a group. Officers managed to located a 17 year old woman, and a 22 year old man - they're both facing assault with a weapon charges, and some other weapons. Tthree and a half hours later, police were called out near 1st Avenue and Elphinstone where a 42 year old man was pepper sprayed - again by a couple of youths.

The rain might be gone, but the damage from the flooding remains. People had to be evacuated in Melville from the hospital and seniors home. They're hoping to be back today. But, the community of Redvers is still cutoff by water on most sides.

Disney's Hollywood Studios in central Florida will add to the "Frozen" frenzy by offering a daily character procession, sing-alongs and a nightly party based on the hit animated movie. Disney recently announced that "Frozen Summer Live" -- a character-driven procession down the park's Hollywood Boulevard with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff -- will begin This Saturday and run through Sept. 1, each day at 11 a.m.

A small Calgary firm is staking new ground in the insurance industry by offering city residents overland flood insurance, a service largely unavailable to other Canadian homeowners. The residential insurance policy from the Beaufort Group, with Lloyd’s of London, is limited to a small number of Calgary homeowners with premiums ranging from a few hundred dollars a year up to $18,000, or more, for the most expensive and flood-prone homes.

The Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) helps residents, small business owners, owners of agricultural operations and communities recover from the effects of severe weather. PDAP provides financial assistance to claimants for uninsurable essential property damaged as a result of natural disasters such as tornados, floods and other kinds of severe weather. Assistance is provided to pre-disaster condition only. It’s important to remember that PDAP is meant to help provide the essentials for life, not lifestyle. We go over some steps you can take to better help you through the claims process.


Woodsy goes over a few of the many moves made yesterday during The CFL Free Agent Frenzy.

We speak with George Howden who is working in Gainsborough as that community pieces itself back together.

Time for Tell Me Something Good!

Gormley joins to talk about latest flooding conditions across the province.

A new anti-spam law that one business group calls “heavy handed” won’t stop the flow of all unwanted emails to your inbox, says a legal expert. The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, known as CASL and coming into force July 1, will require businesses to obtain consent for sending “commercial electronic messages” to clients or prospective customers.


Kevin Martel joins on the road in Melville to bring us the latest on flooding in Saskatchewan.

The Riders' Ricky Foley has picked up both player of the week honours. The defensive end has been named the defensive player of the week, and Canadian player of the week. It's after leading the Green and White's defense to six tackles, and three quarterback sacks in Sunday's game.

Sony's iconic personal stereo music player, the Walkman, turned 35 yesterday. When did you get your first Walkman?

14 years ago tomorrow, the community of Vanguard was flooded with 375 mm of rain. We speak with the mayor of Vanguard, Allen Kuhlmann.

Time for What I Learned on the Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 30, 2014


We bring you the latest in the flooding throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Folks in southeastern Saskatchewan are hoping the rain stops soon so they can make some progress. CJME's Andrew Shepherd spoke with those in flooded communities and joins us on the road to give us the latest on site. Here in Regina Canada Day events have been cancelled, for more information check out


We bring you the latest in the flooding throughout the province of Saskatchewan. CJME's Andrew Shepherd joins us on the road to give us the latest on site. And we speak with the Mayors of Wolseley and Redvers, they shares what they are going through. Canada Day events here in the city have been cancelled, for more information check out


We bring you the latest in the flooding throughout the province of Saskatchewan. CJME's Andrew Shepherd joins us on the road near Redvers to give the latest. And we speak with the Mayors of Esterhazy, Yorkon, and Melville they shares what they are going through in those cities.

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 27, 2014


Tearrius George was on the Green Zone last night and talking about this year’s team compared to last year’s Grey Cup winning team.

New Driving Laws are in effect as of today in the province. Children under seven years old, less than 4'9" in height and under 80 lbs in weight will be required to be in a booster seat. Roadside suspensions will also get lengthier for impaired driving and some speeding infractions, as well as the possibility of having the vehicle impounded. Penalties for using a phone behind the wheel will also get more strict.

Saskatchewan Roughrider Devin Tyler has decided to sell his 2014 Grey Cup Ring. The price for it on kijiji is $35,000. Is it wrong to buy the ring if you didn’t earn it?

Its *supposed* to improve safety and it doesn't come without controversy. Photo radar in Saskatchewan is expanding that to test it out at certain high risk locations for two years. CJME's Kevin Martel tells us some hope the program makes drivers slow down, while others think the province is going down the wrong road all together.

We read your texts to 306-306 on photo radar coming to the province.


We call up CJME Weather Specialist John Wilson and ask him what we can expect for weather this long weekend and what we should take with us on Gameday.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Green Zone and talk about the most recent documentary on the 2014 Grey Cup win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It’s time for Tell Me Something Good! We bring you three feel good news stories to cheer up your spirits on this gloomy Friday.

Gormley sounds off on photo radar coming to the province.

Gino ODjick revealed to his fans that his health has dramatically denied in the past two months. Doctors aren’t sure on how much time he has left and he’s chosen to spend it with his family. He sent an opened letter to his fans to thank them and say goodbye.


Jamie Nye tells us why he’s so excite for Week One of the CFL and talks Riders.

Photo radar is being expanded in Saskatchewan starting today. It's going in high-risk locations in Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw being tested for two years. As CJME's Kevin Martel tells us, some think the province should hit the brakes on the program all together.

Would you spend $35,000 on a 2014 Saskatchewan Roughrider ring? Well if you have the cash it could be yours.

Glen Suitor joins to talk about the upcoming Rider game against the Ti-Cats.

We play the Roughrider Spelling Bee!

Time for What I Learned on the Show: This Week Edition!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 26, 2014


It’s finally here parents and teachers: It’s the Last Day of School!

Google kicked off its two-day conference yesterday in San Fransisco. They've already started setting their sights higher than Google Glass, the car that drives without, well, a driver, and those smart phones and tablets. Google gave more details about Android Wear, a version of the operating system customized for wearable gadgets such as SmartWatches. The company also introduced Android Auto, which has been tailored to work with cars.

Tim Lincecum did it again. The 30-year-old righty tossed his second no-hitter in less than a year against the San Diego Padres, leading San Francisco to a 4-0 victory.

It is the end of another school year and we want to know what your Grad song was?

There has been a development in the Amanda Todd case. A covert Dutch police broke into a rural bungalow and installed controversial computer tracking software as part of a sophisticated investigation into the man accused of tormenting Todd. Today, Aydin Coban, is scheduled to appear before an Amsterdam court for nine cases of online bullying and blackmail. A keystroke logger secretly records every keystroke on a computer and would have allowed investigators to track Mr. Coban s computer activity in minute detail. The Canadian Department of Justice is working on extradition proceedings against Mr. Coban.

Your texts to 306-306.


It is the Last Day of School of 2014 and from parents to teachers and students; summer is just about to start. This has us thinking about Grad songs and those teachers who are retiring this year.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by John Gormley Live and the annual debate of whether it’s okay to have a toonie bar at a wedding.

We go over your texts to 306-306 on Graduation songs.

Time for Tell Me Something Good! We bring you four feel good stories to restore your faith in humanity.

Gormley joins in studio and share with us what his Graduation song was.

We go over more of your Graduation song texts to 306-306.


Part of Regina is doubling as Dog River with cameras rolling on Corner Gas the Movie. CJME's Adriana Christianson went behind the scenes and joins us this morning to share what the experience was like.

The University of Ottawa has completed an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct by some players on the men's varsity hockey team. University President Allan Rock says there are further consequences. The program will continue to be suspended into the 2015 season, leaving the players with no team to play for. The coach of the team was also fired. Rock says the University will also put in place new policies and behaviour guidelines for athletes.

TSN put out their list of CFL Top 50 Players and seven Saskatchewan Roughriders made the list, including Darian Durant at #3 and Brendon LaBatte at #8.

Fans of Brazil became fixated on Mick Jagger after he became a bad luck charm for teams during the 2010 World Cup, including their own. Four years later Jagger's already is held responsible for high profile losses. Any team he's publicly supported in the World Cup, has lost. Social media channels in Brazil are now begging Mick to not cheer for them.

Time for What I Learned on the Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 25, 2014


A man convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy who was chained for days in a remote cabin in Nova Scotia has been sentenced in Bridgewater Supreme Court to 24 months in prison. MacKean, of Lower Sackville, was found guilty in March of sexual assault and communicating for the purpose of obtaining sexual services from a person under 18. Lloyd Tancock said he’s pleased with the sentence, but called MacKean's crimes "atrocious," something you'd see happen someplace else.

During a break in Calgary before a pair of concerts at the Saddledome for his cross-Canada "To Be Loved" tour, the Buble headed down to Stephen Avenue in a ball cap and T-shirt and sang "You Are My Sunshine" with a couple young buskers. Last year, he pulled a similar, if considerably more up-scale, stunt singing Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You" a cappella at a NYC subway stop.

Despite leading his team to a first place finish in the east division, Head coach Malcolm Cameron has been fired by the Pat. This followed the resignations of assistants Josh Dixon and Bill McGuigan, General Manager Chad Lang says ownership saw this as an opportunity to start over. Cameron was a guest on the Green Zone yesterday and said he fully intended to return to he was as surprised as anyone to get the news.

It was five years ago today Michael Jackson died in his California home. In the years since his death, Jackson's estate has earned more than 600-million dollars. A new album earlier this year debuted at number two on the music charts, and there's also a travelling Cirque de Soleil show based on his music.

The countdown is on and students are ready for summer, while the teachers are ready for silence. The kids are wrapping up school this week and a bunch of my friends are teachers and have been collecting quite the gifts from students. What did you give your teachers when you were a kid? Teachers: if you could ask for what you REALLY wanted, what would it be?


We go over response to what did you give your teachers when you were a kid.

The 2014 Riders are not the Riders from 2013, but that doesn’t mean the Grey Cup is out of their reach. After all the cuts and a revamped line up, who will you miss most this year?

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Green Zone and talks of biting.

Now that its summer and if the rain holds off we can expect more cyclists on city streets. But do you know all the little rules you have to follow? CJME's Andrew Shepherd says cyclists might still be in the dark about one of Regina's bylaws.

Tell Me Something Good! We bring you four good news stories to help pick up your spirits.

John Gormley joins us this morning and we do a rapid fire session with him. We ask him for his take on the World Cup Biter, gifts for teachers and the sentence for John Leonard MacKean.

Tonight Big Brother 16 premiers on CBS and it’s going to be the most twisted season yet and for the first time winning HOH does not grantee safety.


It’s Wednesday and that means time for Stranger Than Fiction. We give you three stories that sound so far out there, they couldn’t be true... but one is. If you can pick the true story you’ll get your hands on a gate passes to the QCX.

Week One of the CFL Seaosn is about to get underway and the Riders are set to take on the Ti-Cats on Sunday. We want to know from the 2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders will you miss most, we go over your texts.

We go over response to what to you give your teacher as a yearend gift.

More changes are happening to the Regina Pats. New owners took over the club in April, and now the team will be getting a new head coach. Malcolm Cameron has been let go by the team, he spent the last season as head coach. He spoke with the Green Zone last night and shared how shocked he was to get the news.

We go over your response to the announcement the Regina Pats letting go of Malcolm Cameron.

Time for What I Learned on the Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 24, 2014


Just in time for yesterday afternoon's downpour the Bethune weather radar came back online without any pomp and circumstance, and certainly not a news release from Environment Canada explaining why a fix that clearly took less than 8 hours to complete couldn't have been done over the course of the weekend.

Late coach Pat Burns has been elected for induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2014 alongside Dominik Hasek, Peter Forsberg, Mike Modano and Rob Blake and legendary NHL referee Bill McCreary. The official induction ceremony will be held on November 17.Still no Paul Henderson in the Hall of Fame however.

U.S. researchers claim they have found a way to treat peanuts so they are safe for consumption by people who are allergic. Researchers from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University developed the treatment. It involves soaking roasted peanuts in a food-based “enzymatic solution” commonly used in food processing. The treatment reduces two key allergen triggers by up to 98 per cent.

We've all been there. Driving around a parking lot looking for that perfect spot only to find one car is taking up multiple spots, or maybe another just couldn't manage to get the wheels between the lines thus making it more difficult to park properly. Now a new Facebook page in Regina is showing the cause of this frustration in a public way. Is it okay to shame bad parkers?

The kids are done school this week and Participaction wants your kids to be moving instead of plunked in front of the TV for the next couple months. So, they released the The ParticipACTION Play List. It includes 24 things every Canadian child should do before the age of 12.

The Interview has those in North Korea choked with Seth Rogen and James Franco. The movie’s plot has the two funny men trying to assassinate Kim Jong Un.


There will be no heritage status for Connaught school in the Cathedral neighbourhood. Council decided to listen to the school board's wishes to let it be demolished. Mayors Michael Fougere says safety and education trumps heritage. The 102-year-old building has been deemed unsafe past this school year. A new school will replace it by 2017.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Sarah Mills Show and Sting’s decision to NOT give his children a penny from his fortune when he dies. Should Sting be giving his children “fields of gold”? Should have they kept this family matter private?

We read over your text messages to 306-306.

Tell Me Something Good! We bring you four feel good stories to help brighten your day.

Gormley joins in studio to pick up on the bad parking he encounts as well as the Facebook page started in Regina.

Another Frozen Update for you. Earlier this month, a Japanese woman reportedly filed for divorce because her husband admitted he wasn't a Frozen fan. Since its release in November 2013, Frozen has become the highest-grossing animated film ever. Are you tired of hearing Disney's Frozen on repeat? You're not alone. Two dads are winning at the internet today.


Mayor Fougere stops by for his weekly visit.

We take a quick look at the Riders.

Everything new to theatres, on DVD and CD for you to check out, it’s Entertainment Tuesday!

The official induction ceremony will be held on November 17 for the new inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame.Still no Paul Henderson, however, late coach Pat Burns has been elected for induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2014 alongside Dominik Hasek, Peter Forsberg, Mike Modano and Rob Blake and legendary NHL referee Bill McCreary.

We play more of the “Frozen” Dad’s song.

It’s Time for What I Learned on the Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 23, 2014


There are some new trends when it comes to baby showers Grandma Showers are taking off. Grandmas-to-be are increasingly getting celebrated as much as moms-to-be. And a lot of grandmas are on board -- saying it's not just for parents to celebrate, it's a time for grandparents to mark and new chapter in their lives. Have we become a society obsessed with asking for gifts?

Filming is underway for Corner Gas: The Movie and there's already a guest star on set. Brent Butt tweeted out a picture of him and Canadian comedian Will Sasso. You may know him from his Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions on Mad TV. The Kickstarter for the new Corner Gas movie raised almost three times more than its 100 thousand dollar goal reaching over 285 thousand dollars. The world premiere will be held in Saskatoon on November 24th.

We call up John Wilson this morning to find out what happened to all the sunshine he promised for the weekend. We also get his take on the recurring problem with Bethune’s radar system. The system was down all weekend making it tough for those looking for current temperatures and conditions.

The Roughriders have made their final cuts before the regular season starts. Among the familiar names gone are veteran receivers Jordan Sisco and Jade Etienne. As for whom Darian Durant will be throwing the ball to; Chaz Schilens, Ryan Smith, Brett Swain, Eron Riley and Alex Pierzchalski will join the veterans.

If you didn’t check out the newest singing competition show “Rising Star” last night, you may need to rethink your stance.


CJME is the station that gives you the most Rider coverage with a pre-game show and a post-game show with the Green Zone. 3 hours of pre game and 2 hours of post-game is not enough for Rider Nation, we are introducing to you Game Day with Wray every game along with pre-game coverage. As well, we are starting The Fan Zone with Scott Vickers and Gary “The King” Nickel during every Rider game.

It's been a recurring problem for several years now and it's happened again. The radar system in Bethune isn't working and Environment Canada has been made aware of this. Gaetan Deaudelin is the Director of the National Radar Program. They’re going to try to fix it as soon as possible saying there's no specific issue with the system in Bethune. Ralph Goodale joins to share what he thinks needs to be done with the radar system.

Now it’s official, everybody is singing this song. Pearl Jam seems to be huge fans of the movie Frozen, too. The band broke into the song's chorus while singing "Daughter" at a concert in Milan on Friday, and it's an amazing spin on the track.

It’s Monday and we all need some good news. Time for Tell Me Something Good! We bring a couple feel good stories to help restore your faith in humanity.

John Gormley joins in studio to give his take on the Bethune radar system being down all weekend and Saskatchewan farming.

TONS of music news to bring you: Cher and Cyndi Lauper were in Saskatoon as well as the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival was on the weekend.


We aren’t the only ones with huge Green and White related news, the Riders sent down their cut list and 26 hopefuls were chopped. Woodsy and Sam go over the details.

There are some new trends when it comes to baby showers Grandma Showers are taking off. Diaper Parties are also emerging as a new trend; this is for the father to be to celebrate. Think of it like a bachelor party, with diapers. Have we become a society obsessed with asking for gifts?

We go over your texts on Diaper Parties and Grandma Showers to 306-306.

Jamie Nye joins to go over the Rider’s Cut-Down Day as well as the exciting news from the Green Zone.

We wrap up your texts to 306-306 and share a story from the Rider Pre-Season game on Friday night.

Time for What I Learned on The Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 20, 2014


Himpe almost ran into a deer on Saskatchewan Drive this morning, the first time he’s seen a deer in the city limits and called it into the Regina Police (not 9-1-1) just to let them know. Have you ever come across a deer in the city limits?

We have more on the Frozen Trend this morning. Eighty percent of the visuals used in Disney’s hit animated movie Frozen were inspired by the landscapes of Norway, and now fans from around the world are flocking to the nation to do movie tours. Visit Norway spokesperson Harald Hansen explained that hotel bookings for the first three months of 2014 are up 37 percent compared with the same period from last year, following the movie’s release in November 2013. Is there any place you’ve gone to after seeing it in a movie/TV show, or hearing about it in a book?

We're about a month away from Prince George's first birthday on July 22. And before he can even spend his own money, he's already has coins under his name, with the seal of approval from Mom and Dad and Grandma Queen Elizabeth. The Royal Mint is celebrating with a specially designed sterling silver coin in his honour. You can buy it for $147, but if your pockets are deeper, you can go fancier. There’s also a 22-carat gold coin with $736 or a double sovereign gold edition worth more than $950. And they're rare; only 75-hundred silver coins have been made.

Today in World Cup news, England is out. The English players will find themselves rooting for Italy today, as a win or draw for Costa Rica will knock them out of the tournament. That game is at 10am this morning. Other matches today: Switzerland vs France at 1pm and Honduras vs Ecuador at 4pm.

The Edmonton Eskimos are in town tonight for the Riders first pre-season home game. Woodsy and Sam go over who we can expect to see suit up for tonight, as well as a quick look at the visiting team.

Have you heard of Jason Meeks yet? Well you may know him better as the "Hot Felon".


Driving down Saskatchewan Drive on his way to work this morning, Himpe almost ran into a deer, text us with your deer in the city stories.

We go over your feedback to the text line on places you have traveled to after hearing about it from TV/movies.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by The Sarah Mills Show and the adventure of hosting an afternoon drive show while England is playing in the World Cup.

Harley-Davidson unveiled its first electric motorcycle, and promised it will still sound really cool. The electric Harley, dubbed Project LiveWire, isn't for sale yet. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer kicks off a promotional tour next week to give customers a chance to test the bike, which it says will have all the edge of a gas-guzzling hog.

To get you in a good mood for the weekend, it’s time for Tell Me Something Good!

Murray Wood joins in studio to talk about his deers stories and to share what is coming up on John Gormley Live starting at 8:30.

It’s Movie Friday and Sam goes over what’s new and hot at the Regina Box Office for you to check out this weekend.


Jamie Nye joins to tell us what he thinks we can expect from the Riders tonight as they take on the Edmonton Eskimos.

What if you could send your friends a photo that captures more than how your breakfast looks but, perhaps more importantly, how it smells? “Scent-based mobile messaging” is the latest invention out of Harvard. It comes on an oPhone, an iPhone app called oSnap that allow users to send and receive “electronic aroma messages”.

Glen Suitor joins to talk more Riders.

Sarah Mills joins the gang to talk about yesterday World Cup match.

Time for What I Learned on the Show This Week!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 19, 2014


Under pressure from Congress, celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz on Tuesday offered to help "drain the swamp" of unscrupulous marketers using his name to peddle so-called miracle pills and cure-alls to millions of Americans desperate to lose weight. What “weight loss wonders” have you tried?

Hilarious article in Entertainment Weekly, they've looked into the Frozen baby boom and it's a thing. It's not enough to have millions of kids around screaming Let It Go at the top of their lungs. has reported that for the first time, the name Elsa has cracked the top 100 most popular names, due in part to the massive success of the Disney animated feature Frozen.

It was a frustrating game for Portuguese fans at Cafe Diplomatico when the team lost its World Cup match with Germany 4-0. But it could have been worse: Italy could've been playing. Every time Italy plays a game, the Little Italy bar and restaurant institutes a minimum hourly charge for each of its patrons, a spending minimum to match the surge in customers wanting to watch World Cup games. Would you pay cover to watch the World Cup? How about a Rider game? has officially launched the Fire Phone, its first smartphone, after years of rumors. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos took to the stage in Seattle to unveil the smartphone, which boasts a 4.7-inch screen, 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and five front-facing cameras. The smartphone costs $200 for a 32-gigabyte version and $300 for a 64GB version, both with a two-year contract -- a higher-than-expected price tag given Amazon's history of pricing its hardware relatively cheap. AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for the phone. What is the one feature you wish your phone had?

There's a new retail concept in Tokyo: Customers can try on clothes and then leave the store to see how they look in public. The store is called GU, it looks kind of like an H&M style store and until the end of the month the store is testing a new service called "GU Fitting."


Woodsy and the gang go over the last Riders Game and what we can hope to see from the Green and White for their last pre-season game.

This morning’s Talk Shot is from the Green Zone and talks about Canada joining the World Cup madness with a team of our own, would you cheer for them?

A six-year-old girl in Bolivia suffered from uncontrollable fits of laughter and doctors believed she had a serious behaviour problem. Others called her crazy. But after a bunch of brain scans, one doctor and his staff discovered a benign tumour in her brain. It was putting pressure on her temporal lobe -- causing a rare kind of seizure that involves a sudden burst of energy -- usually in the form of laughing or crying.

Time for Tell Me Something Good!

Murray Wood in steps in for John Gormley and talks about the World Cup fever, or lack thereof in Canada and if he thinks we would back a Team Canada in the World Cup.

They've started announcing teams on Amazing Race Canada and we have a Regina girl to cheer for. Meaghan Mikkelson played on the Olympic Women's hockey team; her teammate is her hockey teammate Natalie Spooner. Along with the Olympians, they've announced five other teams so far -- a married couple, son and mother, siblings, a dating couple and, best friends.


The World Cup trophy will be handed to a new champion. The most dominant soccer nation is out early. Spain was upset by Chile 2-0. Needless to say, fans of Chile were literally dancing in the streets.

Yesterday morning you heard from us about some people in the province who're are seeing significantly higher power bills after their smart meter was installed. Now we're hearing from more people on this story. Lisa Schick joins us in studio to talk about the last 24 hours on this story.

Remember when Michael Sam got drafted by the St. Louis Rams, and he and his boyfriend locked lips on ESPN? Some people had a problem with that. We now bring you FCC Complaints the Michael Sam Edition.

During the World Cup, some employers probably can’t help but wonder if the soccer fans on their payroll are actually doing any work. According to one estimate, the last World Cup cost US$7.36 billion in lost productivity and those games, held in South Africa, did not overlap with the North American business day as much as the matches currently underway in Brazil. The answer for Adbloc Media, a Toronto-area advertising company, was simple. It has relocated to a bar for the duration of the Cup.

It’s time for What I Learned on The Show Today!

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - June 18, 2014


It's happened to all of us: You go out for supper to one of the big fast food chains and you food looks nothing like the advertisements. Well, CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a hidden camera quest to make fast food look as good as it does in ads. Have you ever complained about the look of your food?

We were talking yesterday about those incredible twin tornadoes that touched down near Pilger, Nebraska. Today, we're learning more about how the community is dealing and its heart breaking. More funnel clouds were spotted in Northern Nebraska yesterday moving through Wisconsin, too. A tornado touched down there a number of times; damaging more than 40 homes in Madison and Verona.

A tornado swept through Angus, Ontario yesterday. 20 to 30 houses were damaged, including a few which had their roofs ripped off. Councillor Keith White, whose ward took the worst hit, describes the damage. Ontario Provincial Police say there were no serious injuries.

Power bills are delivering a shock to some Sask Power customers. As CJME's Lisa Schick explains, some people are seeing huge jumps in their power bill after the old meter was replaced with electronic, 'smart meters.

Now let's talk saving electricity. Don is a big proponent of saving phantom power. The power that's used by things you aren't actually using. Cable boxes, those precious little connections to pop culture, those tentative little strings connecting your humble life to a false sense of community, are big time power hogs. Big time!


For the last 20 years a Lumsden man has been offering people a thousand dollars -- if they'll give up smoking for good. Bruce Robinson says he's made to offer over a thousand times. Just over 50 have taken the bait and tried to quit, but he's only paid out six times. Would $1,000 be enough incentive to kick your worst habit? How did you quit smoking?

This morning’s Talk Shot is from the Green Zone and Woodsy’s rant on diving in the World Cup.

Much like the vampires in the show True Blood isn't likely to die. After the upcoming final season it continues, but on a stage. True Blood: The Musical is in the works. It'll be written by the guy who's been responsible for the instrumental scores for all seven seasons. It's going to revolve around the main character, the telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, played in the TV series by Anna Paquin.

In hopes to brighten up your morning we bring you three feel good stories in Tell Me Something Good!

Gormley joins to talk about Bruce Robinson’s offer of a $1,000 to quit smoking for good. We ask John how he quit smoking, would $1,000 be enough incentive to kick your worst habit? How did you quit smoking?

A couple in Long Island got the worst surprise ever this week. They found a metre-long python in a couch. Peter Wang and his wife were cleaning a basement apartment that had just recently been vacated when the wife removed one of the cushions from the couch and saw the snake.


We play Stranger than Fiction!!

We go over your texts to 306-306. How you quit smoking; and if $1,000 would be enough for you to quit?

A California mayor has resigned after getting himself in doggy-doo. Literally. Earlier this month, San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier was caught on a security camera throwing a bag of dog crap on his neighbour's yard.

A tornado swept through Angus, Ontario yesterday. 20 to 30 houses were damaged, including a few which had their roofs ripped off. Councillor Keith White, whose ward took the worst hit, describes the damage. Ontario Provincial Police say there were no serious injuries. We speak with Jennifer Baker who took cover in her basement last night.

So called smart meters are leaving some Sask Power customers dumbstruck. Within two years, all of Saskpowers customers will have the electronic meters...but as CJME's Lisa Schick reports, some of the people who've already had them installed have gotten a nasty surprise on their next bill.

Time for What I Learned on The Show Today!